Ollie the Alien Follows the Humans!

After crash landing on Earth, Ollie explores and learns with his new human family in this adventurous monthly subscription!

"With Following the Humans, you're not buying a subscription. You're buying time with your kids."

Curtis Swenson

The Thought Coach
Ollie the Alien
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Want to have fun with your kids while they learn?

As homeschooling parents, Steven and Becky Heumann quickly discovered that the more fun they had as a family, the more their children embraced learning. Workbooks and lectures kept the kids busy, but when they chose to go out and experience life, their 3 sons and 3 daughters laughed, bonded, and retained what they learned. While having these adventures was fun and educational, it wasn't always feasible to go out and about town every day. They decided to simplify and start with one short family activity a week, building up to a larger adventure each month

And you know what? It worked! That uncomplicated framework allowed them to create amazing memories while watching their children expand their knowledge. It worked so well, they wanted to share it with families around the world. They've created this family read-aloud subscription, where parents and kids can learn about science, history, and social studies each month, while exploring their environment and family relationships. Each book is broken up in to 4 sections. Ollie the Alien guides and teaches the readers about his course of study for the month. Each section culminates in an educational experience or adventure for the family. Let us do the work while you snuggle on the couch and read with your little ones. Join Ollie and his humans as they learn and grow together as parents and children.

Ollie with Heumann Family in Redwoods

Let Ollie plan your educational family adventures.

He's a pro!

Traveling across the galaxy, your friendly neighborhood alien has spent a large amount of spacetime exploring the secrets of universe.

He's curious!

Ollie has a childlike appreciation for knowledge and wants nothing more than to learn and have fun with his new human friends.

Kids love him!

Since Ollie is just a kid himself, children gravitate toward his playful nature and appreciation for adventurous learning.

Ollie learns about humanity.

Ollie Alien

After arriving on earth, the first thing on Ollie's to do list is to find out, "What is a Human?" He will introduce you to his human family and take you along as they explore the Natural History Museum, learning about the history of human beings. What you'll discover in book 1:

   Your own personal story

   The history of humans (even your grandparents!) 

   Different cultures and food (you'll make something yummy)

   Ideas for a family field trip

Start making family memories with Ollie today!

Children grow up fast. It's time we run along side them, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.

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A creative family with a drive for adventure.

We inspire families to laugh, learn, and play together. 

Becky Heumann has been homeschooling her children for 6 years and has tried all the things. What she has found to be most effective for her children (and her sanity) is learning while connecting with her little ones. Steven Heumann traveled the world while working in television for 15 years. He now is an author and illustrator who is a kid at heart and loves making memories with his children.



Steven has written 10 full length fiction novels.



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Steven has 10s of thousands of books sold.

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Steven has written more than 1 million published words.


"This is a great introduction to some big topics that are important for understanding human history and life science. It gives teachers and parents a great jumping off point for further discussions"

Shelly Brown

Author of Mustaches for Maddie and Squint
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Each month receive a new educational book from Ollie.

This is the simplest subscription you'll ever sign up for. Think of an old time magazine subscription, but this one educates and bonds your family, rather than selling you stuff you don't need.

Receive a book in the mail monthly. 

It's nothing more complicated than that. 


Books will be mailed out on the 15th of each month. 

Each book has a list of field trip options for you to choose from.

There will be different options for each field trip. Some will be free options, while others may be a bit more pricy. Pick what works for your family. 

Yes! You can download a digital copy of the first book for free. 

When you sign up for the subscription, you can select which book you'd like to start with.

We'd love to hear from you! Don't be afraid to reach out anytime or even send us pictures of your family on your adventures. Just go to the contact section and send us a message.

Every month on the 1st. 

Yes. Thanks for trying us out.

Don't miss out on time with your kids.

Allow Ollie to give you an excuse to spend more time together as a family. It's simple, easy, and fun.

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